Anh sao nuoc mat.

Anh sao sag che lap nc mat e.
Trog lan gio am nc mat e roi xng.
A co cam nhan duoc k?
Loi thi tham cam nin gui ve a,cjac run ray nay…
Tren trag jay trag,e ve a
Nu cuoi am ap cua a bao boc lay e
Co the day la ty
du e co nham mat lai, e van chi thay a..
I will be watting 4u.E se cho doi a.Du tnao di nua,e cung se k roi nc mat kho dau.
U let me know,1ty gan nhu sai lam.
E se k bo cc,chi don jan vi a.
Tim e dog day nc mat.E fai lam sao day?
Du trog jac mo e cug nho den a..

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